ben Interior & Exterior Paint

Benjamin Moore Paints

ben Waterborne Interior

ben offers the Benjamin Moore standard of performance while meeting the specific needs for an entry level premium product. Ben offers a low VOC product without sacrificing the consumer's desire for quality.

ben Interior Paint


  •  Easy application
  •  Easy clean-up
  •  Premium hide and leveling
  •  Available in all colors
  •  Low odor and low VOC even after tinting

ben Waterborne Exterior

ben Premium Exterior latex paint is a 100% acrylic latex paint that delivers dependable performance, application and appearance. It is premium quality, environmentally friendly with low VOC and is designed to meet the needs of a value conscious consumer.

ben Exterior Paint


  • Provides a breathable surface for maximum durability
  •  Low temperature application down to 4.4° C (40°F)
  •  Resistant to peeling and cracking
  •  Excellent color retention
  •  Blister resistant
  •  Excellent hiding
  •  Resists new mildew formation
  •  Fast, simple cleanup with soapy water
  •  25-year warranty

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