This product is a hard backing pad for the RO 125 or the D125 sanders.
  • Very effective dust removal due to Jetstream design allowing for cleaner air. Also creates better finishes and longer abrasive life.
  • With the FastFix tool-less pad change you can easily and efficiently match the pad to the surface
  • Creates consistent sanding over your whole surface, flat surfaces or tight and narrow edges due to the hard pad.
  • Quick and easy abrasive changes with StickFix hoop and loop design that also allows you to re-use partially used abrasives.
  • Cleaner air and higher abrasive life due to the ability of the pad to channel dust to the rear port due to integrated dust extraction.
  • Suitable for old and new clear coats, VOC coats, paints, repair compound, fillers, wood
  • Includes one pad
  • Compatible with RO 125 Sander