Mad Dog Primer "Dura Prime"

Please be advised colors on screen may vary from actual paint. Tinted product is not returnable.

  • Demonstrably the best exterior acrylic latex bonding primer available.
  • Patented adhesive formula adheres to substrates with unmatched grip. 
  • Remains permanently flexible and breathable, expands and contracts as the substrate flexes with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, ensuring a paint job that endures 2 to 3 times longer than traditional primers.
  • 55% volume solids provides the most stable surface for top-coat adhesion and durability
  • Holds back rust bleed and tannin bleed with two coats
  • Use on: all types of wood substrates, masonry, stucco, concrete, galvanized metal, pvc, aluminum
  • Best project applications: historic renovation & restoration, churches, municipal buildings, residential re-paint projects, industrial and commercial substrates, and worn, damaged substrates where paint has difficulty adhering.